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Over 130 years of experience in high volume textile production.

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Over 130 years of experience in high volume textile production and the highest quality standards make us the ideal partner.

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As an internationally operating company and one of the leading manufacturers of textile semi-finished products for structural applications in composites for the automotive, aerospace and wind industries, Kümpers Composites offers best solutions with their innovative, high-quality products and services. In our locations we develop and produce in serial none-crimp-fabrics,

woven fabrics and braid Preforms for all industries. Since the entry of an investor group, Kümpers Composites has gained access to promising Asian composites & lightweight construction market. Our newly founded company in China, Kumpers Composites – Taicang is growing and is able to provide customers with high volume pultrusion for various industries.

Through close cooperation with partners from the wind, automotive and sports industries, Kümpers Composites has waste experience in all sorts of application areas. With this know-how, we cooperate with our customers to develop innovative solutions that precisely match the individual requirement profile, making them more efficient and competitive.


Holsterfeld 29
48499 Salzbergen

Tel. +49 5971 80293-0
Fax +49 5971 80293-19


Große Norde 1
49762 Lathen/Fresenburg

Tel. +49 5933 9360-86
Fax +49 5933 9360-78


Chenmenjing Road 100,
Chengxiang Town,
Taicang 215400,
P.R. China

Tel. +86 512 53665606

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our focus: high-quality and certified work in order to be the ideal contact for our customers and their individual concerns.

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  • Over 130 years experience

  • QM: IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

  • Highest quality standard

  • Own machine design

  • Inhouse built machines and equipment

  • High level of Automation

  • Short time to market

  • Proven industrialization with high Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)